3Q enables video publishing, both live and on demand.

Live Streaming

Powerful solutions for transmitting linear programmes, webcasts or events.

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Enterprise Video

Ideal for publishing video content on video portals, OTT content or corporate video.

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HTML5 Player

Put your content on any device with our own engine.

AMP Video

Integrate your content in Google’s AMP without any problems.

Third Party Publishing

Push your content to social media channels or third party providers.

Video Engagement

Optimise your product range and with that your revenue.

Universal DRM

With our Universal DRM, licensing is child’s play.

Media CDN

We operate our own backbone network in various data centres around the globe.


Combine and extend your livestreams with additional content.

Live Chat

Take part in question and answer sessions in real time with your customers and shareholders.

Cloud Recording

Record your livestreams and publish them.

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